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Master Sang Kim

About Martial Arts USA in Huntington Beach, CA

Meet Master Sang Kim

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Martial Arts USA in Huntington Beach
8th Degree Black Belt

Master Sang S. Kim is the Headmaster here at Martial Arts USA, located in Huntington Beach, California. Master Kim has been training for over 35 years in various martial arts, such as Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Kuk Sool Won. Master Kim has attained master level both in Taekwondo and Kuk Sool Won. He has attained 8th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido, which is considered a Grandmaster. Master Kim has been teaching martial arts for over 30 years.

Huntington Beach Martial Arts USA is a full service self-defense and fitness center serving Men, Women and Children. We offer an unparalleled character enrichment program for children, a s well as Adult self-defense and fitness classes.

Our Huntington Beach, CA martial arts facility is a family friendly academy that offers a clean and safe atmosphere. We believe that trained correctly, martial arts are a safe, challenging and a reflective medium from which you can surpass your limitations.

Huntington Beach Martial Arts USA has a 1,700 square foot training area with professional, caring instructors to help you reach your highest potential. Whether it is learning self-defense, getting in the best shape of your life, building confidence, or just training in ancient traditions, we have it all! No attitudes. Just check the ego at the door and come to learn.

Martial Arts are the most powerful tool to create positive change. Through the training you'll not only condition your body but your mind as well. The Martial arts have a mental component that go beyond combat effectiveness. Your confidence will be built by self-discipline. You will become a more focused and motivated individual while developing leadership skills. You will learn self-control and the ability to resolve conflict. You can learn all of these character traits and get in great shape all at the same time!

Training in the martial arts is anything but boring. It's a high energy, fat burning, stress reducing, and supercharged workout! It is never too late to start. It is perfect for men and women of all ages.

We understand that most of our students are not training for an MMA type match, or a Muay Thai fight. They just want to have fun, learn self-defense skills or get in great shape. That is why safety is our number 1 priority. We pride ourselves on using the latest, most progressive teaching methods available. You will receive individual help from our instructors as you master the basics and on-going guidance as your skill level increases.

We teach what works! We offer a comprehensive character development and leadership training program which includes Hapkido submission and Joint manipulation, acrobatic training, and traditional weapons training.

We offer both training methods that go back to 2,000 years as well as Modern methods that are used to train Olympic athletes.

To get started with one of our awesome training programs that we offer here at Martial Arts USA in Huntington Beach, CA all you have to do is choose a program on our site. Once you have clicked on a specific program you will then be taken to one of our sales pages which will allow you to sign-up right then and there! Our staff of instructors here at our Huntington Beach Martial Arts facility looks forward to speaking with you soon. Also, please don't hesitate to give us a call directly at (714) 374-5006 if you have any questions at all.

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